Staff Members

Headship Team

Headteacher Miss J. Waldron
Deputy Headteacher Mr. G. Rees
Assistant Headteacher Miss N. Miles
Assistant Headteacher Mr A. Owens
Assistant Headteacher Miss R. Thomas
Assistant Headteacher (currently on secondment) Mr. R. Jones
Manager of Resources Mr. D. Jenkins

Office Team

Office Manager / Finance Officer Mr. M. Evans
Exams Officer / Data Support Mrs. N. Oulton
Receptionist Mrs. S. Alford
Typist / P.A to the Head Teacher Mrs. L. Smith

English Team

Area Co-ordinator Miss H. Osborne
Teacher Mrs. S. Goatley
Teacher Mrs. R. Holland
Teacher Miss L. Biscoe
Teacher Mrs. E. Roberts
Teacher Miss M. Eager

Maths Team

Area Co-ordinator KS4 Mrs. S. Woodall-Milne
Teacher Miss S. Evans
Teacher + KS3 Ms. S. John
Teacher Ms. R. Rees
Teacher Ms. K. Jenkins


Acting Area Co-ordinator of Science Mrs. M. Wood
Teacher in Charge of Physics Miss R. Tithecott
Teacher in Charge of Biology Mrs. M. Wood
Teacher Mrs S. Lees
Teacher Mr. S. Ruddy
Teacher Mrs. K. Evans
Teacher Mr. C. Clark
Teacher Mr. G. Rees


Area Co-ordinator Mrs. A. Palmer
Head of Department (Art) Miss C.Middleton
Teacher Miss N Miles
Teacher Mr. P. Jones
Teacher Mr. A. Owens

ICT Team

Area Co-ordinator Mr. D. Lewis
Teacher Mr. A. Owens

Humanities Team

Area Co-ordinator Mrs. H. Hopkins
Head of Department (Geography) Miss A. Gleeson
Head of Department (RE) Miss B. Harris
Teacher Miss J. Waldron
Teacher Miss. L. Palmer
Teacher  Mr. C. Mitchell


Head of Department Mrs. R. Bird
Teacher Miss A. Richards
Teacher Mrs. J. Pearce
Teacher Mrs. L. Wilcox
Teacher Mr. S. Fletcher

Welsh Bac

Area Co-ordinator Mr. C. Mitchell
Teacher Mr. M. Culleton
Teacher Mrs. H. Hopkins
Teacher Mr. D. Lewis
Teacher Mr. A. Owens
Teacher Mr. S. Fletcher

Modern Foreign Language Team

Head of Department (French and Spanish) Mrs. K. Hillier
Teacher Mr. M. Culleton
Teacher Miss. J Llywellyn

Creative Arts Team

Area Co-ordinator + PE Miss J. Evans
Head of Department (PE) Miss J. Evans
Head of Department (Music) Mrs. K. Carter
Head of BTEC Mrs. K. Paton
Teacher Mr. C. Bushnell
Teacher Mr. S. Fletcher
Teacher Mrs. L Wilcox
Teacher Mr. J. Humphries

Additional Learning Needs Team

ALNCO Miss. R. Thomas
Teacher Mrs. J. Cowley
Teacher Miss. J. Loynton
Teacher Mr. D. Jones

Support Staff

LSA Mr. J. Szmdda
LSA Mr. T. Davies
LSA Miss H. Jones
LSA Mrs. M. Roberts
LSA Mrs. S. Brown
LSA Mrs. E. Bale
LSA Mrs. A. Sampson
LSA Mrs. A. Buckingham
LSA Mr. D. Jones
LSA Mrs. S. Howells
LSA Mrs. M. McCreadie
LSA Mrs. K. Emmanuel
LSA Mrs. F. Davies
LSA Miss S. Wheeler
LSA Mrs. L. Buckley
LSA Mrs. J. Cowley
ICT Technician Mr. S. Hilton
Network Manager Mr. R. Langley
D& T Technician Mr. W. Higgins
Technician Mrs. S. Shaw
Lab Technician Mr. J. Hancock
Lab Technician Mrs. T. Davison

Special Teaching Facility (STF)

Area Coordinator and Specialist Teacher Mrs. Julie Gibbs
Specialist Teacher Mrs. S. Francis
Lead LSA Mrs. Dawn Binding
LSA Mrs. Glenda Davies
LSA Mrs. J. Durman
LSA Miss. Vickie Richards
LSA Miss. Morgwen Dickason

Pupil Support Team

Area Co-ordinator Mr. C. Mitchell
Progress Managers
Head of Year 7 Mr. S. Fletcher
Head of Year 8 Mr. C. Bushnell
Head of Year 9 Mr. M. Culleton
Head of Year 10 Mrs. L. Wilcox
Head of Year 11 Miss R. Rees
Team Around the Child Manager Mr. I. McCallum
Attendance Officer Miss E. Jones
School Nurse Sister. A. Merret
Lunchtime Supervisors Miss. M. Richards

School Premises Team

Manager of Resources Mr. D. Jenkins
Site Superintendent Mr. D. Richards
Site Superintendent Mr. M. Griffiths

Library Resources Centre

Reprographics Mrs. L. Buckley

Examinations Team

Examinations Officer Mrs. N. Outlon